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What's the Rhythm?

FizzUp measures how regularly you work out using a unique interactive circle called the Rhythm.

Varying from red to orange to green, the Rhythm is a "meter" that indicates whether you’re progressing or regressing. If you work out on time and your Rhythm is green, this meter will increase. If your Rhythm turns red, your meter goes by one point for every late day you accumulate. If your Rhythm is orange, don't throw in the towel! You're about to watch your Rhythm score drop, so work out today!

By doing several workouts in a row, you'll keep your Rhythm completely green and at its maximum capacity, while noticing your progress increase dramatically.

Working out regularly is the only way to make progress. FizzUp fitness training gets you into great new habits and helps keep you motivated with simple indicators, like the Rhythm, the progress bar and the support of your friends.



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