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How do I prepare for a workout (water, clothing, environment)?

FizzUp makes it possible to work out at home and make the best of what your surroundings have to offer you without having to buy expensive, bulky equipment. Now your home has the potential to become a real gym. You just need a few tips and you're ready to go. Follow the guide!

A water bottle, your best friend

Before and during your workouts, fill up a bottle of water and take small sips to keep you hydrated. Your body needs water to function properly. Water is essential for temperature regulation, for your cardiovascular system, for your cells and even more importantly, for kidney function.

Food is fuel

Eating helps keep you going during your workouts. However, you can't eat a full meal right before you exercise. Similarly, you need to focus on specific types of food. The type and quantities of food you ingest are determined by the amount of time you have before you complete your FizzUp workout. The closer you get to a workout (less than 1.5 hours), the more carbohydrates you need to eat, which are your main source of energy. Eat fruit, for example. Avoid fatty foods, as they take longer to digest and reduce energy levels.

Dress comfortably

Forget about tight jeans and tops. When exercising, you need to be comfortable. Put on a pair of yoga pants, a t-shirt, a pair of sports shoes and you're ready.

You don't need a lot of space

2m² is enough space to do your workout. If you can spread your arms without touching anything, then you have enough space to do your exercises. That means that you can work out wherever you want!

Get an exercise mat

To avoid any discomfort depending on the kind of flooring you have (i.e. tile), place an exercise mat on the floor where you'll be doing your exercises. Use an exercise mat or a rug... anything that will protect you from a hard surface and doesn't slip will do. This will help you concentrate only on doing the exercise properly.

Use your furniture 

Bring any piece of furniture into your "fitness" area that might make working out easier, such as:

  • A mirror. This is the perfect piece of equipment to ensure that you execute your movements correctly. Adjust your positioning with just a quick glance.

  • One or two chairs. You'll need them for some of the exercises. FizzUp offers a variety of exercises and for some, you'll need to put your feet or hands up.

Exercise with music

Music can be a real encouraging factor. Exercising while listening to music can motivate you and give you energy. Choose music you like that makes you move and inspires you.

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