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How do I start FizzUp again after a long break?

A long break in your FizzUp fitness training doesn't mean you have to quit.

Here's what you need to do to get back into your workouts after a long break


  • If your break was less than 15 days: continue your level as you normally would. Don't worry, all your hard work doesn't go to waste that quickly. We know you'll get your Rhythm score up again!
  • If your break was more than 15 days: restart your current level. Now's the time to recalibrate your program using the first evaluation on the level. Restarting your level is so easy: just go to your settings in your FizzUp account. When you restart your level, you'll also have the option to change your goal. For instance, you can ease back into your fitness training after a long break with the "Get In Shape" goal.
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