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How do I burn fat?

Do you want to lose weight and burn fat? FizzUp is made for you, and the Cal Burner Add-on is quickly going to become your favorite part of the day.

Your body uses fat as one of its energy sources. More specifically, you use it especially while doing low-intensity exercises. But for high-intensity exercises, this changes because your body uses carbohydrates as its primary energy source. The key therefore resides in exercise variety and above all, its intensity. Varying exercises also allows you to limit the risk of injury and establish a healthy routine in your life. This is why FizzUp includes both low and high-intensity exercises in its workout programs.

HIIT, the source of the Cal Burner Add-on

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is a training technique that alternates between phases of high-intensity exercise and phases of active rest.

HIIT workouts are designed based on intensity and repetition: exercises are repeated several times using different frequencies while alternating with rest times.

HIIT allows you to work your entire body, making it a true fat-burner. It also allows you to significantly increase your respiratory and cardiovascular ability. In particular, one HIIT workout induces an increase in your basal metabolic rate in the 24 hours after exercising, which explains its ability to stimulate weight loss.

How is fat burned?

The Cal Burner Add-on is based on HIIT. This fitness training design is fun and quickly increases your heart rate. That's how it develops your cardiovascular system and muscular resistance. Using intense circuits, you become more resistant, develop better breathing and burn excess fat while conserving muscle mass.

Short and intense workouts in the FizzUp method increase your caloric expenditure several hours after exercising (up to nearly 24 hours). This phenomenon is known as Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption. Calories are burned during the hours after a workout. In fact, after your workout, your metabolism skyrockets and burns tons of calories. These calories are burned because your body has to recover from the intense workout it just endured. Contrary to popular belief, the most amount of fat is burned after, and not during, exercise. 

What are the benefits of the Cal Burner Add-on?

Research has shown that the body transforms itself and physiologically adapts thanks to cardiovascular exercise, which allows it to effectively burn fat. By using the Cal Burner Add-on, you'll: 

  • Increase the quality of fatty acids in the muscles, improving your energy consumption.
  • Improve oxygenation, which significantly aids in cell oxidation, thereby improving fat burn.
  • Increase the size and number of mitochondria, which results in improved fat oxidation. 


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