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How is progress measured?

When you begin a FizzUp fitness training level, you'll take an initial evaluation of your physical fitness level. You'll then take the same evaluation during the last training session of each level.

A percentage difference between your results at the beginning and end of each level marks your progress. When you complete each level, a progress report is displayed and the trainer will display your level certificate.

Positive progress is the proof that your work is paying off. Continue working in this direction and make it to the next level.

It’s possible to make "negative" progress. However, this shouldn’t discourage you in any way because you’ve put in the work. Perhaps your were more tired than usual because of the normal ups and downs of life. You're sure do better on the next level!

If you want to effectively make faster progress, FizzUp PRO gives you access to additional features that will enhance your fitness training experience.

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