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What do the FizzUp levels mean?

Think of FizzUp as a fun video game with 45 progressive, diverse levels, each lasting from two to three weeks.

Each level represents a workout program that encourages you to explore new ways to exercise and allows you to develop new physical abilities, while watching your body rapidly develop through:

  • Burning fat
  • Building muscle
  • Increasing your fitness level
  • Improving your posture

Workouts with your FizzUp fitness trainer are designed to motivate you. After just six weeks, you'll get fast results and start to make progress from the very first level. Your overall fitness will improve and you'll soon get visible results.

The recommended exercises are different for each level, breaking up the routine so you never get bored. At the end of each level, your progress report will be displayed. You can share your progress on social media to show your friends that hard work pays off! 

You can find a summary of all levels on our levels page.


FizzUp PRO gives you access to additional features that will get you faster results. 

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