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What's the purpose of the evaluation?

The power of FizzUp lies in its ability to adapt to everyone's fitness level using an evaluation of their current physical fitness potential. Let's take a look at the reasoning behind these evaluations.

A personalized approach

Everyone is different, which is why it's important to take advantage of a personalized approach that will meet your needs completely. Your physical fitness potential is evaluated so that your expectations can be best met. In order to personalize your workouts, based on your evaluations, we collected several billion pieces of data during three years of research. These data have been used to create different fitness training profiles that adapt to the level of each individual, based on each evaluation data set.

Work out at your own pace

Our aim is to help you make progress without trying to exhaust you through forcing you to exert excess effort. In order to ensure you make optimal progress, workouts should be balanced between "easy" and "difficult". Any workout that's too difficult will very quickly tire you out and cause you to regress. On the other hand, any workout that's too easy will yield no results. We know that you could quickly lose motivation if you do not obtain results or if your workouts are too difficult. That's why our therefore help you find the right level of workout difficulty by optimizing how your level of fatigue is managed.

Save time

Workouts lasting from 15 to 20 minutes, optimized and adapted to suit your physical potential, carried out three times a week, is all you need to make progress. Work out as you like with FizzUp PRO, which unlocks the ability to adjust your own workouts using the Add-ons: Six-Pack, Cal Burner and Stretching. FizzUp gives you maximum results in minimum time.

Measure your progress

You’ll complete an evaluation at the end of each level to measure your progress. You should aim to beat the number of repetitions you were able to complete during the initial evaluation. This will allow you to measure your progress directly and give your motivation a boost!

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