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Sets, repetitions, circuits, challenges, rest time: words you need to know to work out

In addition to the instructions already included in your workouts, here's a small glossary so that you can familiarize yourself with these key words for your FizzUp workout:  


Sets are series of exercise repetitions, separated by rest time (when you're doing several sets). Two sets of 10 push-ups is 10 push-ups, then rest, followed by 10 push-ups.


Repetitions (or "reps") are the number of times you should do a movement without a break. So, doing 10 push-up repetitions means doing 10 push-ups without any rest time.

Some exercises require alternating movement, like oblique crunches. One repetition is working the left side of the body, followed by the right.


In a circuit, you do several rounds of indicated exercises (in one round, each exercise is done once). Rest time between exercises is rather short.

An example: 2 circuit rounds with exercises A, B and C consist of doing exercise A once, exercise B once and exercise C once (first round), followed by exercise A once, exercise B once and exercise C once (second round).


A challenge is a high-intensity strength training block. Rest time between each exercise is very short, which quickly increases heart rate and effectively burns fat. Exercises come one after the other in sets and the number of repetitions decreases gradually with each set.

Rest Time

"Rest time" refers to the recovery time between each set of exercises or between each Add-on. Rest time is important and is an integral part of your workout. Giving your body time to recover guarantees a workout that isn’t too easy or too difficult.

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