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What are the Add-ons?

Your FizzUp workout allows you to vary muscle load in order to get maximum results. After the warm-up and strength training, FizzUp guides you through many different types of supplementary workouts, called "Add-ons," which include cardio training, abdominal and core strengthening and stretching. The trainer automatically determines the Add-ons you should do and adapts them to your goal, current fitness level and evaluation, which you did at the beginning of the FizzUp level.

Cardio training to burn fat

The Cal Burner Add-on is based on HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training). It uses a series of exercises based on alternating between exercise and rest time. This fun way to exercise quickly increases your heart rate. There's no better way to burn excess fat.

Abdominal exercises and core strengthening for better posture

The Six-Pack Add-on combines abdominal and postural strengthening. FizzUp offers a combination of abdominal exercises coupled with core-strengthening exercises. For abs of steel, this Add-on is made for you.

Stretching to take care of your muscles

The Stretching Add-on offers a series of exercises that stretch the muscles and work on joint mobility. It's both a physical and mental relaxation method. Stretching is a great way to have a delightful moment of relief.

With access to FizzUp PRO, you can adjust and adapt the Add-ons to your needs. By selecting or removing Add-ons, you'll maintain the pace of your progress according to how motivated you are and the time you have. Your workout length will then be modified.

To add an Add-on, tap the small blue plus sign ("+"). A green check mark ("✓") indicates that an Add-on has been selected. When you add Add-ons, the workout time increases. Then, when you begin your workout, you'll see a list of the exercises you'll do. You can then check to make sure that the selected Add-ons are included.


Add-ons are one of the features you'll receive with FizzUp PRO.

FizzUp PRO also gives you access to the Focus programs; these five-minute workouts target specific areas of your body to get you faster results.

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