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What are the Focus programs?

The Focus programs are mini-workouts that target specific muscle groups.

These programs last an average of five minutes and are made up of a warm-up block followed by a targeted strength training block.

If you do one Focus program after your FizzUp workout, a warm-up block won't be included.


To effectively get results, you should only follow two Focus programs simultaneously. Following more Focus programs than that may tire your body more than need be. What's more, you'll stop targeting certain muscles, which will get you fewer results.

Always remember to follow your programs in the same order. If you chose to do your Focus program after your FizzUp strength training workout, you should always exercise in this order. Your level of fatigue and the amount of repetitions you can do during your evaluation at the beginning of your Focus program will no longer be the same if you change the order of how you exercise. As a result, the exercises in the mini-program will no longer be adapted in order to help you effectively reach your goal.


  • Flat Stomach: This Focus effectively strengthens your midsection by targeting your abdominals. You’ll shape your physique as you sculpt abs of steel!
  • Glutes: This Focus, made up of exercises such as the squat and the squat jump, gets you rounded and toned glutes. You’ll also eliminate fat in areas where it’s mainly stored in the body.
  • Thighs-Abs-Glutes: This Focus is great if you want to tone several areas of your lower body at the same time. Several exercises work together to target your abs, thighs and buttocks. You’ll evenly sculpt your curves and lose waist size (or two!).
  • Full-Body: This Focus program is for women who want to improve their entire physique and their explosive strength by doing burpees, in particular.
  • Arms: This Focus brings together push-ups and dips to effectively sculpt your arms. You’ll build strength and muscular endurance.
  • Chest: This Focus strengthens the muscles found in your chest so that you get solid pectorals. Prepare to look great in a low-cut neckline.


  • Full-Body: This Focus improves all of your physical abilities. You’ll be more explosive and resistant and build your muscular and cardiovascular endurance by doing burpees.
  • Abs: This Focus sculpts your abdomen by working your deep and superficial abdominal muscles.
  • Pecs: This Focus effectively works your arms and pecs using no-equipment-free. You’ll build strength and muscular endurance. You’ll tone and sculpt your torso.
  • Arms: This Focus sculpts and improves their physical abilities. No amount of weight will be able to hold you back!
  • Back: This Focus builds your back muscles using a variety of pull-up and chin-up exercises. It works everything, from your trapezius, latissimus dorsi and teres major to your arm muscles.  
  • Thighs: This Focus quite effectively builds muscle in your lower body, such as in your legs and buttocks, while building your muscular endurance.

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