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How do I build muscle?

Working out using your body weight

FizzUp is a fitness training method using your body weight, meaning that you don't need special equipment to exercise. You can put your dumbbells away and forget about them for a while. With FizzUp, every exercise requires muscular strength and works your muscles just by lifting a single and relatively heavy load: you!

To be able to lift your own weight in different positions, you need to have so-called special functional strength. The increasing difficulty of FizzUp exercises allows you to correctly, quickly and continuously develop your strength and quickly see the results in your musculature.

Personalized design

Many fitness training program designs are offered during your workouts, but the ones that target strength training in particular are designs using sets. This allows you to develop both your strength and muscular endurance while accelerating muscle development. You'll then develop your ability to maintain muscular effort for a longer period of time.

Sets optimize each rest time and the number of exercise repetitions to push your limits without exceeding them! You'll work out at your own pace because it guarantees fast and, above all, measurable progress.

Qualities you'll develop

Your FizzUp workouts allow you to develop specific athletic qualities, such as:

  • Strength. You'll develop your muscular strength, which is your muscles’ ability to exert force against resistance. FizzUp exercises require strength by using more or less weight, i.e. your body inclined in different positions. 
  • Explosive strength. You'll also start to develop as much strength as possible in minimum time. This results from a combination of speed and strength and is necessary for doing most fitness activities. FizzUp exercises allow you to develop your explosive strength using a combination of plyometric exercises (all "jumping" exercises, such as jumping jacks), explosive contractions and intense circuits. 
  • Agility. Another quality that you'll develop, agility involves being able to move quickly and easily while changing positions. This quality combines balance, coordination, reflexes and strength. You'll gradually find exercises requiring a certain amount of agility in your FizzUp workouts. They'll allow you to use all your muscles and improve your coordination on a day-to-day basis, while improving your proprioception (the unconscious knowledge of your position in space using reflex mechanisms that allow you to keep a stable position).


FizzUp PRO gives you access to more features that will get you faster results.

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