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How do I get visible abdominals?

The term "abdominals" refers to the muscles in the abdomen located around the thorax and pelvis. They're made up of five symmetric pairs of muscles: the transverse abdominis, external and internal obliques, rectus abdominis and pyramidalis. Each one has a specific function such as maintaining organs in the abdomen and posture, making breathing easier, etc.

To get visible abdominals, several factors should be taken into account.

Control your body fat percentage

The lower your body fat percentage is, the more visible your abdominals will be. There are two criteria you should take into account to get visible abdominals:

  • Muscular development of the abdominal region
  • Body fat percentage, which can be measured using a bioelectrical impedance scale or a skinfold caliper (your doctor can take these measurements)

Some people don't understand why their abdominals aren't visible while they work them. The problem lies in the fact that their body fat percentage is too high. The abdominals are indeed there… they're just hidden under a layer of fat. To get well-sculpted abs, you must work your entire body using exercises that burn more calories. Burn fat by doing Cal Burner exercises in the Add-on: you'll continue to burn calories for up to 24 hours after exercise. Use the exercise descriptions and tips from the trainer to correct your exercise movements in order to make them more effective.

80% of your results depend on your diet. Get into healthy eating habits thanks to the FizzUp Nutrition Guide. You'll get more than 100 recipes that you can access right in the application or on our website in addition to emailed tips for a balanced diet. You'll know the right foods to eat and be able to identify why you're not losing weight.

Follow the Six-Pack Add-on and the Flat Stomach and Abs Focus programs

Before starting your workout, you can activate the Six-Pack Add-on with FizzUp PRO, which gives you core-strengthening exercises that target your deep muscles like the transverse abdominis. You'll work your muscles in an isometric muscle contraction when you hold a position without moving for a set length of time. Core-strengthening exercises safely and effectively strengthen your abdominal muscles and are useful for everyday life. Core strengthening is also used for dynamic exercises (ones that use movement).

This is how the Six-Pack Add-on strengthens the muscle groups that have an effect on your posture (abdominals and lower back muscles) to help you maintain a better posture and keep your core engaged.

To reach your goal more effectively, add the Flat Stomach or Abs Focus program to your regular workout, available only with FizzUp PRO. This mini-workouts lasts five minutes or less and gets you faster results by targeting this muscle group in particular.

You'll sculpt your abdomen and see a flat stomach appear... and the results don't stop there, because that also means that you'll improve your posture.


Get the advantages of FizzUp PRO for visible abdominals.

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